Software development

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here are a lot of companies which offer to build web based applications and smartphone apps. So what is it that sets us apart. We don’t just build you a digital asset we build solutions for your business problems.

The question is how do we do what others can’t?

We follow a well defined process which allows us to deliver predictable results. This process is depicted in the diagram on the right. It consists of the following stages:

  • Information Architecture: This phase is where we apply our minds to evolve a future proof architecture for the web based applications. The outcome of this process is wireframes and a mock web application or website.
  • Visual Design: This phase pick up from the IA phase and introduces the graphic elements of the website bringing the website to life.
  • Agile Development: This is where the website actually gets created. We work in the Agile mode, where we “create and show” and iterate on it until the customer says – perfect!

Our Process


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