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here are a lot of companies which offer to build web based applications and smartphone apps. So what is it that sets us apart. We don’t just build you a digital asset we build solutions for your business problems.

The question is how do we do what others can’t?

We follow a well defined process which allows us to deliver predictable results. This process is depicted in the diagram on the right. It consists of the following stages:

  • Information Architecture: This phase is where we apply our minds to evolve a future proof architecture for the web based applications. The outcome of this process is wireframes and a mock web application or website.
  • Visual Design: This phase pick up from the IA phase and introduces the graphic elements of the website bringing the website to life.
  • Agile Development: This is where the website actually gets created. We work in the Agile mode, where we “create and show” and iterate on it until the customer says – perfect!

One of the most important characteristics of our technology team is the ability to adapt to new technologies. It is almost impossible to predict what will be the norm six months from now. Our technical team keeps abreast of all new technologies which are going to be used in the near future.

Our Process

Our works

A wonderfully crafted app with first-of-its-kind features in any app for a resort. The app presents features like treasure hunt, a game to explore the 20 acre resort in the most fun filled manner, a tree trail to scan a QR code on a tree and know all about it and a bird spotting guide.

A first-of-its-kind app for hotels. Developed for the Taj hotel in Agra, this mobile concierge gives you all that you need to know about Agra. It combines hotel and destination in a unique way. Its was conceived, designed and built by us.

We developed a plug-in for The French portal for lawyers – to help visitors locate lawyers close to their address. This plug-in used Google maps and plotted available lawyers close to a given address. The unique thing was that the plotting was real time as the user shifted the map.

Chat Messenger is a French portal for lawyers. They wanted a plug-in to their website where their registered users could chat with one another. We built a Facebook like real time chatting software for them which can be just plugged into any website. All built and delivered in 3 weeks.


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