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Teekhee Mirch is the India’s first national monthly bilingual cartoon magazine. It showcases cartoons from national and international cartoonists covering political ,social issues,recent news and controversies.

This is the website for Fresc De Pops,pioneer of popsicles business in India. The company provides fruit popsicles and smoothies made from exotic fruits at an affordable price to common man.

A Paying Guest and rental portal offering information about PGs, rooms and houses in Delhi NCR. The unique selling point of the portal is its search and advanced search features which give map based positioning of each property.

This is the official website for Four Quarters communication,a leading advertising agency providing brand communication,concept creation,multimedia production etc.

We developed a plug-in for The French portal for lawyers – Avocat.net to help visitors locate lawyers close to their address. This plug-in used Google maps and plotted available lawyers close to a given address. The unique thing was that the plotting was real time as the user shifted the map.

GCNI is a UN arm. Its centre of excellence (CoE) on anti-corruption required a website to cater to their specific needs of uploading large quantities of information and then making it easily accessible to the visitor to the site. We defined their information architecture, visual design and followed that up with the full fledged development along with a CMS.

A wonderfully crafted app with first-of-its-kind features in any app for a resort. The app presents features like treasure hunt, a game to explore the 20 acre resort in the most fun filled manner, a tree trail to scan a QR code on a tree and know all about it and a bird spotting guide.

Chat Messenger

Avocat.net is a French portal for lawyers. They wanted a plug-in to their website where their registered users could chat with one another. We built a Facebook like real time chatting software for them which can be just plugged into any website. All built and delivered in 3 weeks.

Built for India’s #1 manufacturer of vinyl flooring, this website introduced the concept of quality and price rating for floorings. Its architecture facilitates quick decision making by prospective customers. E.g. a product can be found by categories or by product specifications or by name. It is designed and built by us.

A first-of-its-kind app for hotels. Developed for the Taj hotel in Agra, this mobile concierge gives you all that you need to know about Agra. It combines hotel and destination in a unique way. Its was conceived, designed and built by us.

A beautifully crafted French website selling packages or boxes with carefully hand picked comics for each customer. Chacunsabulle is a Paris based start-up. We designed and developed their website.


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fils et aiguilles

Outlet Puma Italia

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