About Us

A team of high-spirited individuals who bring different skills to the table to achieve one common goal.

Our Story

We’ll keep it short. Here is how our story goes – Some highly energetic, enthusiastic and young at heart, friends got together to do something different from what they were already doing. The team started making mobile apps to make life easier for people and with their decade long experience in technology, quickly churned out some outstanding apps which found great reviews. Thus iTravelApps was formed and the team started expanding their horizons by creating websites, Smartphone apps and mobile concierges for various businesses.

Our Aim

We are determined to make technology help your business grow. The idea is to use technology innovatively to make your business simple for you. A website, an e-commerce shop, a mobile app or a concierge whatever be the asset, they are all your marketing channels and if they are made by a company who understands your business, they are sure to give you a return on your investment.
And that is our AIM.

Our Approach

We keep it simple. Firstly, we understand your business and your current digital assets through series of discussions or workshops. If you come to us demanding that we make an asset for you, say an app and we think that an app will not help your cause then we will recommend against it. No seriously!
Even if you approach for building a point solution like a website, an app or a concierge, we assess if you really do need it and if you do then we build an asset which fits your business needs. Every business like a human being has a different character so we build digital assets to fit your size, exactly.

Our Skills

Website Designing / 95%
Website development - all technologies / 90%
iOS/Android/Windows app designing / 90%
iOS/Android/Windows app development / 90%
Web based software development / 90%
Consulting on web presence / 95%

Meet the Team


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